Once again Dead Reel are approached to create a set of promos for Scream Factory Scare Park – this time along with a short film to tie in with one of the new zones in the park.

This was possibly one of our hardest and most challenging shoots to date. The end result however, we a very proud of. How we managed to film the entire thing in 1.2 days, we don’t know!

What should have easily been a 4 or 5 day shoot and a lot more expensive than it was, but we crammed it into a one day shoot. I am sure you will see for yourselves we created a bit of magic here.

This however could not have been achieved if were not for the amazing crew and the amazing talent that are the actors from the Scare Park itself. A huge thanks goes out to them. Some of whom waited over 6 hours to play a villager! That is dedication!

From the start, in the early hours of the morning we knew we had an uphill task. The sets that we asked to be ready were not – which immediately put us an hour behind schedule. Once we started, the work didn’t stop. There were other hurdles along the way – one being the task of setting fire to the barn, after many discussions and a lot of head scratching a mock up barn was made for us. Total pain in the neck – but as you will see: the end results are worth it.

On the whole, another project that we are very proud of and the promos that have been produced, these are below for you to view.